About Us

Rosebud Cakes exists to extend the experience of edible art into all spheres of excellence. All of our staff are trained in art and have backgrounds in pastry or baking. We are small and can offer a significant amount of personal care and attention to every detail. We encourage special requests and specific directions. From the sensual experience of a taste made from fresh ingredients and reduced sugar to the creation of works of art that far exceed all expectations, Rosebud Cakes will always strive to achieve that perfect balance of quality inside and out. We thrive on challenge and constant improvement and every creation is a reflection of that commitment.

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I am inspired by art, humor and absurdity, with an emphasis on delicious dessert! My hero is the artist Red Grooms. He constructs paper theaters of personal or political concept with a story line, and I strive to translate that kind of vision into an edible art experience for my clients. That is what sets Rosebud Cakes apart from other bakeries, besides the fact that our cake tastes so good! My favorite things to make are humorous scenes involving the honoree with multiple personal references for maximum entertainment and an unforgettable experience. I love my job and my ability to contribute to other’s happiness.

Our master baker and chef of 21 years! Born in the beautiful town of Vera Cruz, Mexico, he has been in food service most of his adult life, and the quality of our cake and fillings attest to this. Manuel can ice up a cake as smooth as glass, apply fondant with precision, decorate wedding cakes and stacked presents, and make the best white chocolate roses you’ve ever seen! His recipes are crafted for maximum taste with minimal sugar. He is a perfectionist, a very hard worker, and is loved and respected by all.


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